#018 Lady Sovereign

1 Jun

日本では一度知名度が上がりそうになったものの、勢いが弱めなLady Sov。僕がLondonで働いていた頃いつもショップに買い物に来ていて、Essex出身そのものの英語なのにもいつも礼儀の正しい彼女が大好きでした。って事で彼女の新しいアルバム’Jigsaw’も先月発売。日本にまた来て欲しいものです。

Her popularity is unfortunatley lower here than in the UK, She has released a new album ‘Jigsaw’. She was even not popular in London while I was working in London, She often poped down to ours for shopping, her essex accent and typical B looking, I remember she was very timmy not forgetting say ‘Than you’ . here are some of her new tracks incuding ‘I got you dancing’ and ‘so Human’, and old / mash ups.

Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing
Lady Sovereign – So Human
Lady Sovereign – Cheeky Remix
Inner Lady – Big Sov


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